Classic Rally preview


👍 Overall 4/5
With lots of racing games available Classic Rally brings something new with its two car card management and navigational puzzle. We welcome the challenge of rallying to our cardboard world! Worth a race!

📖 Rules 4/5
The prototype rulebook was well laid out and logical in its teach. We quickly got through the rules and off we went rallying!

🤩Game Experience 4/5
Another racing game you ask? We enjoyed Classic Rally as it had this challenge of carrying the right items in limited car space, the navigational puzzle at the intersections and the two car management. Looking forward to final release.

🎲Art & Components 4/5
The artwork and components work well, all the artwork has a nice “classic” look to it.

🔁Replayability 3/5
Lots of track design options that the group can build as a collective. More features and accessories would make the car customisation a bit more varied, maybe future expansions?

Final thoughts

Classic Rally will goto Gamefound soon, be sure to follow to the link below as it’s worth checking out the campaign if you need a new take on racing.

Gamefound link

ℹ️ Classic Rally prototype was provided to me for free to give an impartial and honest review and for coverage on my IG channel, no money was paid to me. My views are always my own.

The recommended first play track will get your rally skills trained and ready for action!
Each player is randomly given 1 joker card during setup. These are one use cards to grab an advantage during the game.
During setup each player can choose 2 of these features which stay on the car throughout the game (may fail some turns!!)
During the game players need to manage their accessories and consumables to aid them to visit the checkpoints and cross the finish line.
You manage both your Rally & Assistant cars cards during the game either by meeting each other to exchange items or at a service station.
The rule book does a great job of explaining the concepts and rules, and is all nicely condensed on this handy player aid.
At an intersection you will need to play a road book card. Make sure you have planned your route as you only get them back once all 4 have been played. A nice puzzle to solve!
Will it rain, will your cars features fail? Let the dice decide! Roll 1’s or if they add up to 7 then things start to fail (you can mitigate some luck!) Will the weather dice bring the elements?
The track has various hazards which you face when you reach a tile with a ! symbol.
Let’s hope you packed that spare tyre!