The Fog: Escape from Paradise preview


👍 Overall 4/5
The Fog was a fun game with a nice blend of tactical and strategic gameplay where you are balancing your own needs and then countering the other players moves. Forward planning is key!! Well worth checking out the KS.

📖 Rules 4/5
The rules were easy to learn and will be improved post KS to ensure they are as clear as possible. I taught this quickly to the group with little checked during the game.

🤩Game Experience 4/5
The Fog surprised me as I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit for our group but everyone has fun moving, blocking, scrambling across the beach to escape the fog and reach the optimal boat seat.

🎲Art & Components 3/5
Artwork for The Fog is standard stuff, in some areas has an 8-bit look. The holders for the villager pieces work well, as do the beach obstacles pieces.

🔁Replayability 4/5
Plenty of randomisation options means there is plenty of variety each time you play. Boat seat scoring points and beach layout of both villagers and obstacles will mean each game is unique.

Final thoughts

The Fog: Escape from Paradise is on Kickstarter during September. If you are after a racing game, putting your tactical abilities to cross the beach quicker than your rivals then it’s worth checking out the campaign.

Kickstarter link

ℹ️ The Fog: Escape from Paradise prototype was given to me for free to provide an impartial and honest review and for coverage on my IG channel, no money was paid to me. My views are always my own.

The Beach….all that’s between you, the incoming fog and the boats waiting to rescue you!
Some villagers have made it safely to the boat. Early arrivals earn victory points!
Right colour, right seat gets you top points.
Here the fog has made it half way up the beach, any villagers are lost as the fog passes over.
Each round you have 7 movement points to allocate to your selected villagers. Jump, push, squeeze your way to those boats!
The beach is littered with debris which will slow your journey to the boats. Avoid the various bits of driftwood and rocks.