Mycelia preview


👍 Overall 5/5
Mycelia gets tops score for a prototype with its mix of tactical turns, clever mechanics of fruiting fungi and its wonderful visual design and components has been welcomed to the games table. It’s a lot of FUNgi 🍄

📖 Rules 5/5
For a prototype rulebook it’s near perfect. It’s well laid out, flows in a way that makes both learning and teaching fun. Well done!!

🤩Game Experience 5/5
Everyone that I’ve taught Mycelia too has enjoyed it from start to finish. With its simple actions and its elegant player interaction to spore and grow fruit it engages throughout.

🎲Art & Components 4/5

One of the things that caught my eye on Mycelia when I first saw it at the UKGE was the art and design choices, they are wonderful and capture the theme perfectly.
The designer has addressed feedback around colour blind players too!

🔁Replayability 4/5
Plenty of replayability with tile placement growing the Mycelia network from the central starting space and plenty of fungi species brings lots of replay options.

Final thoughts

Mycelia Kickstarter campaign starts early September.

Kickstarter link

ℹ️ Mycelia prototype was provided to me for free to give an impartial and honest review and for coverage on my IG channel, no money was paid to me. My views are always my own.

The network of Mycelia in mid game glory! The colours and design work perfectly with the theme.
The Mother Mushroom (large circle piece) allows you to spore, control space and general be a pain to other players.
The artwork & illustrations (the artist is also the designer) are beautiful.
The card layout works really well.
Turns are simple, take 2 different actions from a choice of 6. The fun comes in trying to keep control, grab cards and fruiting makes this an incredibly fun
The components for a prototype are lovely. Here is one of your mushroom friends.
More art…isn’t it lovely!
Collecting insect tokens allows you to take a few different free actions. One is to move another players Mother mushroom.