Beast preview

While this preview used a high quality prototype of the game some elements may change when the final game is shipped. Kindly provided by Studio Midhall.

Overall: 4.5 / 5

Beast is a fantastic example of one vs many game, the Studio Midhall team have knocked it out of the park. Fantastic theme, smooth gameplay and stunning artwork.

Rulebook: 5 / 5

Rules are straightforward and well explained within the rule book. Core rules and game play are included on the game board for easy reference.

Fun factor: 4 / 5

If you love this style of game play then Beast is a lot of fun however if you or your gaming group don’t like direct conflict then this is could be one to avoid.

Components: 5 / 5

Simply beautiful artwork with its mythical dark tones brings Beast to life. You can see a lot of thought (and talent) has gone into each piece of art throughout the game.

Replayability: 4 / 5

With 6 Beats and 6 Hunters there is a huge amount of variety to keep the game fresh for many many plays.


Beast is a one vs many game where one player takes the role of the Beast who is looking to reclaim the land from the humans by killing a certain number of settles while all the other players take the role of the hunters looking to slay the Beast before it wins or to last enough days (rounds) and the reinforcements arrive.

Meet one of my favourite Beasts – Fangrir. A wolf that summons her wolf friends into the forest too.

Each round plays out over a day and night cycle:
🔹Phase 1: Dawn – all players draft action cards that they will use in Phase 2.

🔹Phase 2: Day – Starting with the Beast each player plays a card from their hand allowing them to take actions (move, hunt etc), use ability cards, or items. They can also pass or flee. The Beast is looking to attack settlements, animals and spawn support creatures. The Hunters are working together to track and find the Beast and lay traps.

🔹Phase 3: Night – Check for end game conditions, discard cards & rest, restore health and finally a chance to upgrade cards.

Meet Assar the Scout. Each Hunter has their own skill type and actions. Work together as a team to track and hunt the Beast.

The hidden movement mechanic comes from the Beast playing N,S,E,W direction cards face down equal to its movement. This allows the Hunters some info to deduce which way the Beast was headed. If the Beast attacks a human or animal though it reveals itself, bringing risk vs reward.

This is the 4 player board, for 2 or 3 player games then board size is reduced and the map is tighter.

Our gaming group loves hidden movement games (think Letters of Whitechapel) and the team at Studio Midhall have designed a fantastic game based on this mechanic. Big Thumbs up!

Speaking to the design team you can tell how much passion has gone into creating this game. Inspired by Scandinavian folklore and mythology the theme and artwork bring this game to life and quickly immersed us into the setting. I’m a huge fan of the artwork, with its darkened tones really being everything to life.

The cards are dual use. The top section is for the hunters action and the bottom section for the Beast action.

Replayability is very high with 6 Beasts and 6 Hunters to choose from allowing players to bring their own play-style into the mix too.

The hidden movement cards played faced down by the Beast player give hints to how many spaces they may have moved this turn.

I highly recommend the Beast if you enjoy this style of mechanic but recognise this game isn’t for those who don’t like direct conflict. Check it out!

The artwork throughout the game is stunning!
I love these flowers on this item card.

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