Die of the Dead review

Designer: J Allen and M Stockton-Pii

Publisher: Radical 8

Released: 2021

Available: Now

I would like to thank Radical 8 for providing me with a review copy for an impartial review.

BoardGameMeeple Award: Silver

Overall: 3 / 5

Die of the Dead is a hit in our group. It looks awesome, easy to learn simple rules, tactile dice moving and shaking makes it turn to play!

Rulebook: 3 / 5

Does the job with good descriptions of each stage. A summary of the icons and tokens on back page would be useful.

Fun factor: 4 / 5

Very enjoyable game, everyone engaged in moving and shaking the caskets with lots of chatter about what’s in each one. No down time at all.

Components: 4 / 5

Looks stunning on the table, wonderful colours and those caskets too it off Outstanding!

Replayability: 3 / 5

Variable player boards to make the game slightly more complicated or you can okay with open caskets to make it more tactical.

Players take the roles of friendly spirits (dice)
guiding souls from Mictlán, the world of the
dead, to the land of the living.
The first player to guide souls (dice) up the 9
levels back to the land of the living is the
Each round the players will choose, manipulate and shake caskets containing dice representing souls.
Each casket has a different action associated to it.
Game info and Mechanics Overview