Isla preview


Isla is a good family focused roll & draw island exploration. The dice mechanic of using and exhausting dice until you cross another on the island is great and makes for a fun planning puzzle.

📖 Rules 4/5
Straightforward rulebook, easy to learn and you can be playing quickly. Plenty of image examples as well as a great 1 player solo variant.

🤩Game Experience 4/5
Isla was enjoyed by all the family, as well as non gamers. Planning with the dice, resolving threats and trying to collect the flora, fauna and fossils to score points kept everyone focused.

🎲Art & Components 3/5

Isla artwork on the map, threat and tokens works well and the player map is muted enough for the tokens to really stand out.

🔁Replayability 4/5
Random setup of the tokens onto your player map as well as the random dice rolling and card draw will mean that each game is unique and each game will be varied enough to keep enjoyment going.

Isla Kickstarter campaign starts Thursday 8th February 2024

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ℹ️ Isla prototype was provided to me for free to give an impartial and honest review and for coverage on my IG channel, no money was paid to me. My views are always my own.