Tinderblox Review

Publisher: Alley Cat Games

Designer: Rob Sparks

Released: on Kickstarter 4th Feb 2020

Tinderblox is a great example of how to design and produce a game that can be played by anyone anywhere!

Who needs big boxes, layers of cardboard to punch and a ton of minis to have a good time when you can have a tin, tweezers, a set of cards and nice wooden blocks?

We have played this game on the train, in the restaurant, in the pub. It’s fast to play, easy to teach and a lot of fun!

Of course we don’t recommend trying to build camp fires just anywhere but with Tinderblox you really can 🏕

Components are excellent and it looks so good when being played with its colourful and chunky blocks!

If you are after a dexterity game that you can take anywhere that keeps you coming back for one more game then Tinderblox is a fantastic choice!

BoardGameMeeple recommended

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here: Tinderblox