Disclosure Policy


  • Previews will use my own photos and have a written overview in my own words.
  • I am selective about which games I choose to promote on my account.
  • I will play the game before posting about it.
  • I will not give much of an opinion, if any, just an overview.
  • Any opinions given will be my own honest opinion as always.
  • Due to regulations, all paid promotion or sponsorship on Instagram will be declared with the [Ad – ____] at the start of the post.


I sometimes receive review copies or products free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. These posts will include a disclaimer, such as:

[Advert: this game was given to me for free by @ to provide an impartial review and for coverage on my IG channel, no money was paid to me. My views are always my own.]

If you would like me to review your game/product, please click “Lets connect” button at the top of the site.


I will always give my honest opinion on the games I play no matter if I purchased them myself or are provided free of charge. 

I have played all games I review and I try to play a game at least 3 times and with a number of different player counts before writing a review. 

Our review format comes is broken down into 4 sections:

  • Summary & Scores
  • Mechanics & Info
  • Text review
  • Photos inc. short description.

The summary contains the scores of five ranks:

  • Overall
  • Rule book
  • Complexity
  • Components
  • Fun factor


Some posts or reviews may contain affiliate links, if these are included in an article or review, these posts will include a disclaimer, such as:

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.