“What happened to Lara Talmor?”review

Designer: Jess & Fausto

Published: Case Clue Games

Released: Summer 2020.

Available either from Amazon or direct from Case Clue Games

We would like to thank Jess and Fausto for kindly gifting us this excellent detective game! We had a lot of fun!

Below is our review of this immersive and realistic detective game.


Overall: 4 / 5

Rulebook: 5 / 5

Complexity: 2 / 5

Components: 5 / 5

Fun factor: 4 / 5

“This game is easily one of the most realistic detective games we have played!”



“What Happened to Lara Talmor?” by Case Clue Games is a new detective game set in Cambridge, England.

Lara is hard working, performing well at her full time job and also studying part time at Cambridge working within the field of data analytics. Her life looks perfect on the outside but does she have any secrets that might put her in danger You will need to find out!

We were kindly gifted this game by the designers Jess and Fausto during lockdown so we played this as a couple but it would make a perfect games night with friends, family, at a dinner party etc.

What stood out for us was the quality of the presentation! From the moment we opened the case file we were drawn in by the realistic documents, well written interviews along with a compelling story line. There are over 30+ realistic police documents and evidence, you have everything you need to get to the bottom what really happened to Lara. This game is easily one of the most realistic detective games we have played!

The game is phased over three stages, with three envelopes that you can only open once you can answer questions via a website, once correctly done you can move onto the next phase.

The questions and additional obiectives are just about right in terms of complexity, just remember all the answers are there if you think like a detective!

The only negative we had is that we felt there were a couple of loose ends we didn’t quite wrap up / close but the main story was excellent.

So do you have what it takes to discover the secrets behind this mystery?
We highly recommend this game if you have a few hours to practice your detective skills!
Lots of fun!!

Are you ready to use your detective skills and intuition to uncover what really happened to Lara?
The game comes in a plastic document sleeve and contains over 30 pieces of evidence! It really did feel we were opening a police case file!
Police reports, maps, statements, photo evidence, newspaper clippings…this game is immersive.