Monthly Archives: June 2018

Ignacy invites us to play Detective @ U.K. Games Expo

Scene: Novotel Birmingham, U.K. Date / Time: Sat / 3pm Detectives: BoardGameMeeple and Mrs BGM, Chits & Giggles, Rory (Board Meetings) Weapon of choice: Cardboard During the Friday evening of the UK Games export I received a text message giving me the location of the promised rendezvous, it said “meet […]

Gil Hova talks to us about Formal Ferret Games

Gil talks to us about the excellent The Networks including the expansions and then runs through the game Wordsey. Thanks Gil for taking the time to share your games and awesome enthusiasm. ??

Jen Ham talks to us about her Gamer Glass

Jen Ham talks to us about her amazing glass creations at the UK Games Expo 2018. Jens’s Gamer Glass are beautiful board gamer related meeples like earrings, necklaces, pin etc. If you didn’t know Jen is married to Richard Ham (Rahdo). Thank you both for your time talking about your […]

Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails

UK Games Expo Feature 1 Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails Hear from Jamie Noble Frier (designer & artist) talk about his new game that hits Kickstarter in September ‘18! We will be live streaming an inverview with Jamie during launch and providing more images and info soon. […]